BountifulBountiful is perhaps the only word we can use to describe our vast and ever increasing collection of upholstery fabrics.

Ever since FAB Textiles started, we have believed that the only way you can find the best fabric suited to your style is by looking at many options. Over the years, the only thing that’s changed is the number of styles and designs on offer. Our range is simply staggering to say the least. We even have global styles available to suit your international styling tastes.

Expand your design horizons with our tailored fabric service. Our stores are stocked full of exclusive and designer lines helping you create tailored textiles for any application as well as a beautiful range of rugs, cushions and throws. Whether it’s for drapes, table linen or a unique piece for your wardrobe, our team will ensure you find the right material for any measurement required.

Our designated fabrics library offers thousands upon thousands of textiles to choose from. With a specialist team of interiors enthusiasts on hand, finding the perfect complement to your décor is no problem.

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