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About Fab-Textiles

Fab-Textiles is a family-owned business operating since early 1970s. For over 40 years, we have been supplying high quality home textiles and upholstery to a vast clientele. Since last decade, we have successfully expanded our business across Asia and Europe and received exceptional response. We have now spread our roots in North America with a vision of becoming a reputed brand in the home decor industry. Working directly with world-class manufacturing mills around the globe, we are able to develop exquisite patterns, stylish motifs and striking color combinations. With our extensive experience in both textiles and home décor, we are confident that our product line will correspond with current home trends....

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Contracts Fab-Textiles

Fab-Textiles is an expert at bringing your artistic vision to fruition. Once you share your inspiration and project parameters with us, we will present several design directions for you to choose from. Our collections feature a broad selection of designs and colours tailored specifically for hospitality and healthcare industries. We deliver a diverse range of performance-driven fabrics that exceed standard industry requirements. We can save you time and effort by helping you streamline your design process. Together, we can achieve the perfection you aim for....

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Fab-Textiles Philosophy

Fab-Textiles is all about tradition; the tradition of delivering excellence, service and integrity. Our collections blend class, fashion and performance through upscale color-combinations and stylish textures. We strive to keep our competitive edge alive by being unique in the marketplace. Our design team is constantly inventing new product lines. Our agents are networking around the globe to capture new patterns and molds. At the workshop, we ensure that our team works in an environment that nurtures creativity and fosters superior workmanship. To all of us here, creating textiles means much more than just weaving yarn into fabrics....

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